Four People you Don?t Want in your Meeting and What You Can Do About Them


If you?re like everyone else then you spend a lot of your time in workplace meetings. Like everyone else you know there are some people who make those meetings more painful than they need to be. Therefor use a conference room scheduler. Here are four people you don?t want in your meeting and what you can do about them.

The Monopoliser

Monopolisers act like they are the only ones in a meeting. They make really long comments on just about anything that comes up and refuse to table anything until there has been a long and boring discussion on it from every conceivable angle. They also derail the agenda and bring up unrelated topics, and make you sit through a long debate on something that isn?t even related to the meeting.

You need to address a monopoliser head on and make use of phrases such as these;

  • ?We need to continue with the agenda so let?s just table that for now?
  • ?I just want to get some quick input right now, but we can come back to this later on?
  • ?I?d like to hear what everyone else has to say now?
  • ?I need to stop you there so we have enough time for everything else?

The Shadow

This person is the complete opposite of the Monopoliser and they bring absolutely nothing to the discussion. They sit and do nothing while everyone else does the work during project planning your conference room scheduling and brainstorming sessions.

While you can be tempted to ignore the Shadow you need to engage them and draw them in. Ask them what their thoughts on something are. If they have experience in the topic at hand then mention that and ask them for their professional opinion. You may also choose to talk to them after the meeting and ask them if there?s anything you can do to get them to contribute in future meetings.

The Checked Out

This is the person who sits there and reads their emails, checks their phone, and texts when other people are having discussions. They tell you through their actions how little they want to be at the meeting and that they?ve really checked out and are not paying any attention.

How you deal with them can depend on the hierarchy of the office and how things work. If you?re the boss of the Checked Out then you can address them directly and tell them you want their attention either during or after the meeting.

The Never Prepared

Everyone will be required to do a little reading before the meeting starts and have their input ready to go, but there?s always someone who never does. Thanks to them the meeting gets derailed because they need to be filled in on everything and they always ask questions that everyone else already has the answers to. They are also unreliable and unhelpful when they are asked for their opinion or a comment.

If you know someone who makes a habit out of being unprepared then you should talk to them outside of the meeting. Tell them that you recognise they haven?t been preparing properly for the last few meetings. Explain to them that you send out prep to avoid wasting time covering things after everyone has come together. Ask them if there is anything you can do to ensure they have the time to prepare; such as sending out the prep earlier.

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