Upgrade Your Offices in 2018


New technology is constantly being churned out at a rate that can be quite difficult to keep up with, especially if you don?t have a significant budget. For example, within the past few years in meetings we have gone from conference calls, to video conferencing, and are currently in the transitional phase to using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Companies are constantly investing huge sums of money into research and development, in order to give them an advantage over their competitors, and this is what is driving the development of new technology. While some end up just being a fad or a trend, some will make groundbreaking changes and be around for years to come.

2018 has just begun but we are seeing new hardware and software being produced for offices, and we will have a look at some of those that can really upgrade yours.

  1. Virtual reality

As mentioned in the introduction, offices are slowly moving into the realm of virtual reality. Being able to immerse yourself into different environments has many very beneficial uses. For example, medical students may be able to practice surgery in a virtual environment rather than on a dummy or even real patients. Architects may be able to view their worksite and finished projects from their office, saving them time and effort in travelling to sites when it is not essential.

  1. Facial Recognition

The successful release and use of the iPhone X has brought facial recognition to the forefront of new mobile phone technology and increased it?s awareness for the mass market. Offices may benefit from using facial recognition technology for building entry or into certain areas. This brings about a whole new level or security that is now more attainable and will surely become even more common in the near future.

  1. Meeting Room Displays

Have you ever found yourself looking for vacant meeting rooms because room scheduling has not been clear or because the booking process is unclear? Fear not, conference room schedule displays are becoming the norm as more and more businesses realise their usefulness. Having such hardware available means that your office efficiency can be increased, seeing as you are making the most of your available resources. Pronestor?s products are a great example of what these can do. Check meeting information such as attendees and scheduled times on a display screen located outside the room or in the reception, without needing to interrupt.

  1. Cloud Storage

This has been around for some time now but is getting better in increments. Storage options are steadily increasing while prices are dropping, and integration is getting better. With the rise of remote working and freelancing, there is an ever increasing reliant on cloud storage to provide real-time data.